What if Xbox was your only box?

Xbox isn’t just for hardcore gamers anymore. It’s the center of a whole entertainment ecosystem that goes way beyond the living room. Music, movies, social and games converge and become accessible across any device, anywhere, and that’s just the beginning. We are revolutionizing entertainment right now.

How do you want to be entertained?

better yet, make my Windows Phone my XBOX and let me send image to my TV @MicrosoftJobs #MSFTrightnow

Posted by @gordongmiller

I want one data bill instead of 3 by replacing the local cable monopoly with an online entertainment device. @MicrosoftJobs #MSFTrightnow

Posted by @BenMcNulty

Xbox>>>>>>>>all #RightNow

Posted by @Boxforever

instant share and live stream directly from xbox LIVE #RightNow

Posted by @Amroking0

I would love to be able to go portable right where I left off on my Xbox #RightNow #XboxontheGO

Posted by @fishie_Penguin

I would love to be able to go portable right where I left off on my Xbox #RightNow #XboxontheGO

Posted by @Fishie_Penguin

I want my Xbox with Kinect, to work as a home automation center - Xbox close the blinds, turn mobile to DND and start Halo! #Rightnow

Posted by @eRRenan

I want to access my #Xbox media library and play my Xbox games with my smartphone when I'm away from home #RightNow

Posted by @eRRenan

Backwards Compatibility all the way back to Dreamcast and Windows CE. Only then will Xbox ∞ it be my "only box" #RightNow

Posted by @Xbudz

If xbox was my only box, I wouldn't be able to carry stuff. :P but anyway it might cut down on cable bills ‪#RightNow

Posted by @firemaster13371

teleportation #RightNowUK

Posted by @ian_coldwell

I want my xbox to be the center media hub that connects all my devices @MicrosoftJobs #MSFTrightnow

Posted by @Vista_Media

I want to see Xbox music show me concert reviews for my favorite bands from @RockLobby so I know what shows to see #RightNow #xbox

Posted by @krugerlive

Focus on new core AAA IPs, ecosystem’s unification, better entertainment experience also in non-UK countries in Europe. #RightNow

Posted by @ASalzo

"Xbox isn’t just for hardcore gamers anymore." - Microsoft #XboxBeyond #RightNow http://bit.ly/YKbt6l

Posted by @_SimplyG

Want my favorite games along my favorite apps and my favorite movies, in all cases with high quality #RightNow

Posted by @Xovek1

better yet, make my Windows Phone my XBOX and let me send image to my TV @MicrosoftJobs #MSFTrightnow

Posted by @gordongmiller

Make Xbox a service which runs in a console and as a PC client (like steam tries with PS3, but good :) @MicrosoftJobs #MSFTrightnow @ign

Posted by @ajsuarez

@MicrosoftJobs @Xbox transport me anywhere in the world by pointing and clicking the controls

Posted by @@potatoe_greg

@MicrosoftJobs @Xbox The "X" opens up like Professor X's Cerebro Door, and projects a 3D hologram of your friend for communication. #GeekOut

Posted by @RayHMKishimoto

@MicrosoftJobs One device to rule them all! Your tablets, smartphones and TVs could all stream content from one source, the Xbox #rightnow

Posted by @1stClassParis

A true multimedia convergence device and an accurate full featured Kinect to control it all. @MicrosoftJobs #RightNow

Posted by @1stClassParis

@MicrosoftJobs @xbox the 'smart Dj' for the whole Xbox experience if you like... #rightnow

Posted by @garetha2z

@MicrosoftJobs @xbox playlists of trending content across apps, self generating entertainment based on social media transactions #rightnow

Posted by @garetha2z

It’s happening right now

Xbox is not just about games anymore. We’re designing and developing the next generation of entertainment experiences in the living room. From Kinect to SmartGlass, we are breaking the bounds of the controller and the television. 


Xbox is now the single box spanning multiple devices and operating systems and tying together all the content a user wants through an easily accessible, universal, natural, voice-directed search. The power of Kinect combined with the intelligence of Bing search is turning voice into the ultimate remote control. Voice can be used to effortlessly to find games, movies, TV shows and music by simply talking. SmartGlass turns your phone or tablet into another screen for your TV, another controller for a game, a companion feature for a show, a remote control for the Internet and more. 


This is just the beginning. We are creating the future of entertainment right now at Microsoft.