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How would you move the Mount Everest of big data?

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How would you live if floor tiles were live tiles?

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How will you work when the office is a state of mind?

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What would you compose if your gestures made music?

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What if Xbox was your only box?

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“We’re really given a lot of responsibility, leeway and creative freedom to deliver what we think are the right things for the business and for the customer.”

Carl Ledbetter, Senior Principal Creative Director

“With our products we are doing everything we can to empower people; to give them what they need in order to come up with cool things.”

Johnson Liu, Senior Optical Engineer

“Office 365 is ingrained in almost every application we have in Office, a huge transformation from the time where most productivity applications were not in the cloud.”

Jairo Medina, Senior Test Lead

“It’s not about just creating OS. It’s about creating experiences and making everything come together.”

Albert Shum, Director Windows Phone Design

“We are never satisfied with what’s in front of us and always pushing for betterment and improvement.”

Carol Hutchinson, Director of Global Marketing Communications


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